yash_velaveti - Yash 4 days ago

Personally if they didn't show it, it would make the first clip of the first trailer meaningful where fans actually thought he was gonna die and had to watch the movie to find out if he survived

yuungwoods - Yung Woods 4 days ago

Hey👋🏼 I hope this wil get seen by somebody. Im a 17yr/o artist and I would appreciate if y'all check my music out just out jere trying to pursue my dreams and spread my sound around the world🌎btw pls like this comment so more people will notice it💚🙏🏼

d___ji - Duri 4 days ago

WTF.... just too much, it’s just a damn Movie. Seriously ‘We are living in a world where Movies are taken seriously and crimes are taken lightly’


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