elkciplyd - 🔺 3 weeks ago

that looks alright! at first i thought mom applied it to you directly from the bottle which seemed uncomfy but that looks soothing! don’t know why you always run from the bottle bud 😆

izziep1 - izziep1 3 weeks ago

What is the name of the stuff?? My lab needs something to clean his also.

maisywholikesshoes - Maisy 3 weeks ago

I run from peanut butter when the ear wash comes out! Might have to get me some dem turkey treats. You are a good boi!😄🐕❤️👡

ashmaree77 - 3 weeks ago

Sweet boi!! 🥰 What are the ear meds for? I work in a vets office. Just curious if it’s just to clean them or if he had an infection.


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