josiee_n_da_805 - Josie Espinoza 1 week ago

Look I was just as shocked as everyone else I’m over it so what! Everyone needs to calm the fawk dwn! Who cares what she does with her life it’s her life stop judging fawk this girl has given us all years & years of great content from makeup to fitness tips & I still like her she’s still the same chick she’s always been & has always kept it real! So what if she wants to make money doing other shit wtf is it to u! Do u pay her bills No! Let it go already if u dnt like her anymore then don’t follow her its that simple! @alvajay your body is amazing your inspiring & I can’t wait til my body looks as bomb as yours so I can flaunt mine too lol 😝❀️

alvajay - Alva Jay 1 week ago

Thanks guys πŸ’• giveaway will run from tonight - Sunday night I’ll announce 10 winners, just comment, like follow. I’ll be picking random in comments

sssaucy_ - 1 week ago

what’s up with all the sexy pictures πŸ’€

aguilerajoel1999 - 1 week ago


zielgro - 1 week ago

dropped dead 😍😘πŸ”₯😚🌷🌹


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