sameoldlovemp3 - Sana 4 weeks ago

Hi , u have to make Selena happy cuz u are dating her now , @justinbieber didn't treat her right and always tried to hurt her but u Austin have to take care of her , now u understand , plz plz never let her down , after many years she looks happy

msbiglannah - Mama L 4 weeks ago

What the hell is wrong with you all up in comments here arguing back & forth ova their damn friendship/dating goin on with them 2🤷🏽‍♀️You all need to mind your damn business in the first place. You think they care about what ppls think or say about them hanging out together🤷🏽‍♀️🤔. HELL to the NO so why ya'll got your Panties & drawers in a whad they will be carrying on with their happy life 1 damn day @ a time. Go get you all a man or chick & stfu with all this bickering back & forth at each other that doesn't even no one another on top of it. DAMN!!!🙄🤦🏽‍♀️Social Media Bickering asses🙄😗

katherinstevensmile - 4 weeks ago

@thegamefinisher94 why do you worry so much? Friends to be in a relationship there is only one step ,anything could happen,besides he would look cute with Selena,he seems be cute and sweet 😅😊

empoweredsmg - selenagomez 3 weeks ago

Can y’all stop with the “IS HE DATING SELENA” “ARE YOU AND SELENA DATING??” Comments it’s fucking annoying

ayeitssaff - 3 weeks ago

How cute! I wish I had this type of relationship with my bro.. 🙄

anqelicaaaasx - Jielica 3 weeks ago

I think it will be blessing to us f. Youre date are queen f ever please take care of are queen


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