a_ratcliffe - Ò.ó 1 week ago

Government run healthcare is a bad idea. Look at the other government run agencies. Health care will be run by the same people that run the BMV. The VA. The post office. Etc.

ksmifffffff - K·S 1 week ago

I would gladly pay more taxes (which won't even happen) to subsidize or eliminate expenditures for our healthcare system. Anyone who argues against that is selfish.

momkjames - kjames 1 week ago

Well it would be like Venezuela. Eventually, it would break America and we would not be able to even afford food - forget healthcare as Hillary said ‘What would it matter’🙄

rosgarden1 - 1 week ago

No way it would be cheaper admin costs alone would be high

loveurself456678 - Yo 1 week ago

I agree, everyone should have free dental care also because it’s part of our health. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more taxes to see this happen.

kryptoroyal - Royal Krypto 1 week ago

They're all sheeps, they only listen to their Master! Don't expect Change from Cheap People (Financially, Morals, Values, Etc...) If your personal agenda over takes humanity, you are Cheapest Scum of the Earth.

rosgarden1 - 6 days ago

Starting Medicare at 55 makes little sense .. taxpayers are overtaxed as it is without adding huge government programs they steal from or mismanage look st social security, the VA .. and the IRS.. they can't handle what they have as it is. Talk to people on these programs many delays non coverage nothing is perfect.

robert_h21 - Robert H. 6 days ago

Socialized medicine is garbage, have fun dying while waiting for your doctors appointment that’s 8 months away..idiots

jxshuag - Joshua Galvan 1 day ago

When you declare something a right that should be payed for by the gov the gov can stop paying for it depending on who’s in office. That’s why we have a constitution