sarahbonavich - Sarah Bonavich 3 months ago

god this breaks my heart. so often it feels like it’s left to women to defend one another against harassment. that responsibility shouldn’t be on us, it’s too heavy for us to carry

jacrissspy - 3 months ago

damn I do wish he beat his ass I understand he was probably afraid too but like...unfortunately I don't know if she'll ever forgive or feel safe with him again /:

sofiabrouse - < s  o  f  ι  α > 3 months ago

that’s sick. it sucks to realize that there are actually people out there that think they can “turn me straight” or “fix me”. it’s heartbreaking 😔💗

being_aysh - Aysha B 3 months ago

Please find the heart to forgive yourself, yours and your wife's security matters most.


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