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sassysoprano7 - Kate Hancock 4 months ago

I love that you find great stuff in providence! I always enjoy eyeing your gorgeous designs and actually work in downtown providence quite near the jewelry district. Any chance you'll ever do a show down here for us rhode island folks?🙌

laughingcrowz - Grannybyrd 4 months ago

Is there a Rand McNally street map and a locator beacon provided before you enter? Do you have to sign a waiver? I would be in there all day and never find anything I need, just things I want. XD

peacockgypsylamps - Linda Kenmore 4 months ago

How the heck did you get through it? Did you have to come back another day? You must be exhausted. This would drive me absolutely crazy with excitement, and 8I would stay and see it all, at least all stones.

peacockgypsylamps - Linda Kenmore 4 months ago

It is like being in a mansion that has a bunch of locked closet doors, I would have to get them unlocked to see what crazy treasure was inside, like being an american picker , I am that, the thrill of the chase❣️❣️

kathykamaras - Kathleen Kamaras 1 day ago

I bought your kitty cameo at the CNE today and I love it! Thank you for telling me about your instagram account too! The CNE has lost a lot of its appeal over the years but your booth and a couple of others keep me coming back. Today I purchased my fifth and sixth pieces from you. Every year I promise myself something from your booth and I am never disappointed.