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ohneophyte - Kay 1 month ago

Dying to enroll in your foraging course - when does the next one open? You are such an inspiration to me 💚✨ devouring Healing Herbal Infusions!

livefood_craftedpantry - Corina Leong 1 month ago

Love your bounty. I recently picked some roses overhanging from a neighbour's garden onto an allotment. I have preserved it in white sugar with the view of using it as a filling for a pastry at some point. I also harvested some unopened Oxeye daisy flower buds and fermented in some salt. There has been some much rain lately. I plan to ferment Linden blossom buds if the rain stops this weekend.

plantforager - 1 month ago

Yummy! Did you know the seeds can be pickled and eaten? Of the nasturtium