• Joy & Treasure Hey @taylorswift 🎶’Weeee are never ever ever getting back to Treasure’🎶 ❤️ #breezysongs #inspiredbytreasure #minicatlady


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  • Hey @taylorswift 🎶’Weeee are never ever ever getting back to Treasure’🎶 ❤️ #breezysongs #inspiredbytreasure #minicatlady https://scontent-frx5-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/86f4a554a82361e5de26463a6cb55e75/5CBBE456/t51.2885-15/e15/p640x640/54446697_141434206897112_5517677465355205219_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-frx5-1.cdninstagram.com joyandtreasure

    Hey @taylorswift 🎶’Weeee are never ever ever getting back to Treasure’🎶 ❤️ #breezysongs #inspiredbytreasure #minicatlady

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winewhiskerswoowoo - Davida Renee Janney 1 month ago

Breezy is such an entertainer! She was a Vaudevillian in a past life, she sings, she writes songs, she improvs, she does standup and skit comedy and I'm sure drama occasionally... all her world is indeed a stage and she and MayMay and Joy & Treasure and you bring joy to us all

t_rho - t_rho 1 month ago

I’m upset!!😡😡 I don’t know what happened and I wasn’t able to see your posts!! 😂😂 I had to refollow you!! Phewww ❤️❤️❤️

je55ieann3 - JessieT1D 1 month ago

Ok, I know I said she will be running things, but I also see a performance residency in her future😻😻.

aminnjayy - Amin Zain 1 week ago

😂😂😂 nice voice tho by your daughter❤️,am happy to watch your cats and family videos,lots of love from Malaysia❤️❤️❤️🙌


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