jaynaledford - Jayna Ledford ♡ 7 months ago

Hi! You might not know who I am, I’m Jay a transgender ballerina. We have some of the same mutual friends (I know the Menossi’s and I used to live in Fishers, IN) anyways, I was wondering if you could help me with finding a good agent, or direct me to someone who could. As I’m becoming more “popular” on my instagram and a lot of people in the world know me as the “First openly Transgender dancer whose going to change the face of classical ballet” I need someone to help manage my account

jaynaledford - Jayna Ledford ♡ 7 months ago

Help book events and have an agency to model for. Any recommendations for modeling as well? Thank you so much, sorry this is a lot! Thank you again. Jay xo ❤️

emma.pfister - Emma Pfister™ 7 months ago

@kenzieroon your so pretty! I’be watched you on making a model and it was so good! I really hope season 2 comes out :) congrats on winning the Gigi and Tommy Hilfiger assignment and keep shining :)


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