cosmic_divine_divination_ - CosmicDivine® SpiritualAdvisor 1 month ago

As a free reader at the moment this is why I need a license in my state because of con artist like this...I am no judge but this is very true and real indeed......please be careful scan artist mame this path look ugly.....thank you for sharing this post!

mkhn_87 - khn 1 month ago

True ...I have seen alot of them doing to my mates and recently it happened to me...I just blocked her...She could not do anything

faithforward0488 - Supergirl0488 1 month ago

It took me a while to learn this, unfortunately. I’ve been taken but, thankfully, by only a small amount. They’re very good at scaring people. A little truth, then *boom* preying on your vulnerabilities.


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