- The Book Quote - TBQ 3 weeks ago

You are important. You need not take any validation form anyone else for that. Who are they?? Some people who don't care about you. Some people who are losers. Some people who are couldn't achieve anything in their lives. Don't listen to them my dear. For you are an angel. For you are meant to fly. For you are the BEST!! #believe in yourself

improvement.path - Improvement Path 3 weeks ago

Time is not money. Time is much more valuable than money. Time is all you really have in the end. You have a finite amount that is always decreasing permanently. We may all intellectually know the value of time but are you really aware of the reality of it? You can honestly rate yourself by taking a look at what you do on a daily basis. Are you using your time to enrich your life or are you just letting it slip by?


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