positive.meditation - Create Your Own Sunshine☀️🌈 1 month ago

hi, i’m a 17 year old starting a positive quote + mental health awareness account n slowly tryna spread the message n grow. if you can give me a like n hopefully a follow so my account can grow a little more n spread a little more positivity💛

donaldmitchell009 - donaldmitchell 1 month ago

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tinybastardman - Leo (he/ze) 1 month ago

yea but like,,, it takes work. sometimes it takes years of therapy and medication and rehab and shit to “unbreak” yourself. some people don’t even have access to that shit because they live in countries that seem to think healthcare is something that should be paid for. and the waiting lists for things like that are also SUPER long (i’ve been on a list for anti-depressants for 8 months, with no end in sight), so. yeah, encourage people to start taking lil steps towards “fixing” themself, but, damn, it’s hard


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