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fetherolfsanela - Sanela 4 months ago

Also, other things that make me go hmmm is how we are not this outraged that millions of people are still medically uninsured, we have too many children in the foster care system, we have trash president who is willing to spend billions on a stupid wall...THAT is outrageous. Jussie is pathetic, and there are more important things than him that should outrage us

gallsarah - Sarah Gall 4 months ago

Or say you think they are Nigerian bc how would you know that? His interview w robin Roberts was interesting...

effiegrs - Effie Geros 4 months ago

What a moronic ,loser...he's a disgrace,to the African American community.......shame on him.....👎🙏

susie_queenofcars - 4 months ago

They didnt "beat the crap out if him" ..he scratched his face with a ring he was wearing🤷‍♀️...stupid ass.