jaimepsullivan - Jaime Sullivan 4 weeks ago

They’ll date for two years... just long enough for folks to forget how they got together then they’ll split. I could write this shit.

nallelis86 - Nayeli R 4 weeks ago

The new season is about to start 😒 so ! You tell me ! Every time there’s a new season something like this happens hmmm !

clarissamh7 - Clarissa 4 weeks ago

I just couldn’t see Jordyn throwing everything way like that. Or a mom who would capitalize on ruining lives............🤷🏻‍♀️

vetteeyes - vetteeyes 4 weeks ago

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF, I really hope when this shit settles down she finds a good guy

maisiesmom223 - MaisiesMom223 4 weeks ago

Please tell me people don’t believe this made up crap. It’s all for the show. And why do people care about the karTRASHiana

skontos - Steffi Kontos 4 weeks ago

What a stupid girl...obviously he is and continues to be a low life but i cant understand the stupidity of this girl???

la.smeer - 4 weeks ago

Kardashian story line it’s getting boring. I mean it’s not as exciting anymore when Kim marriage was less than a week, Kim getting robbed, Bruce becoming Caitlyn. You can’t top story line. It slowing decaying, no one is watching.


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