allanvirgo - Allan Virgo 1 month ago

Queens we don't make clothes with noose because we believe that lynching and suicide are not fashion. However, you can NOW spend your dollars @allanvirgo #blackowned business that champions diversity and keep you slaying and warm throughout the winter.... #AllanVirgo

mela.anderson - Mela Anderson 1 month ago

Lets call out the person who actually picked this accessory out! Where are there faces! Its always one or two people who bring down a whole company meanwhile those people move on to the next company doing the same.

californiasgotitall - OscarFG 1 month ago

Actions speak louder then words...seems like it’s better to show then say..however was behide this knew damn well what kind of bs this would bring...seems like it’s far simpler that the makers of these luxury brands are to insult people subtlety so they won’t wear there stuff then it is to just come out and stay stop wearing our shit it isn’t meant for you.

freemindsclothingco - Free Minds Clothing® 1 month ago

Outrage marketing has unfortunately become the new popular thing and who better to outrage than African Americans? Why? Because we'll share it a million times over and talk about it forever and all publicity is good publicity. It's the same song over and over again. We need to stop focusing on these brands that only care about taking our money, and support more local brands that are accessible and community driven. If you're looking for a new brand to support, check us out.

seli131 - selina 1 month ago

As someone who lost a brother to suicide in this way it is very offensive to me but I’ll let the word go at it over this one they knew what they were doing n ppl are gonna be upset periodtt


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