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wish078 - 𝐍S 1 week ago

If everyone is going to build an empire of their own who is going to work for those empires?

andygpet - 1 week ago

Get paid $150hr make more than 99% of entrepreneurs with a bonus, 401K matching, health insurance, pension, unlimited paid time off. Yes it exists fools. Entrepreneur isn't the only way

g_juarez99 - gj 1 week ago

I understand u just want people to have a better life but u also gotta mention the pros and cons on being a entrepreneur and most people can’t handle being a entrepreneur cause it’s a lot of responsibility and can lead to bankruptcy it’s not only that but a lot don’t leave out the negative part on being ur own boss cause it’s tuff

brad_weston_p - Brad Weston 1 week ago

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